A Guide to Wedding Dress Hoops

If you’re new to the wedding planning scene, then you might well be asking ‘what even IS a wedding dress hoop?’ Good question! A wedding dress hoop is exactly what it sounds like. They are designed to keep your dress in shape and come in all sorts of silhouette, from fishtail to A-line. They are most often used for the ballgown, or princess-style wedding dress.

Brides Magazine says “Bows, volume, blue …these are the 2019 wedding dress trends to know about”. If you’re going for “volume” with your wedding dress, you might well be in the market for a dress hoop. But what are the pros and cons of wearing a wedding dress hoop?


  • A hooped underskirt will make sure that your dress fans out as it was designed to.
  • The weight of the dress is evenly spread across the hoop, making your dress feel lighter. This is a huge bonus given you will be wearing it for hours and will, of course, be wanting to shake your tail feathers all night long!
  • A dress hoop also makes it easier for you to walk in the dress, which is a real plus if you want to make an elegant entrance as you walk down the aisle.


  • Dress hoops can sometimes be difficult to sit in, especially if there are multiple hoops. This means that you might have some trouble finding a comfortable way to sit whilst you enjoy your wedding breakfast and when you’re having your photos taken.
  • Some dress hoops actually detract from the natural flow of the dress by making your dress stick out more than it was supposed to, so you might be better off with a layered petticoat.

If you are struggling to decide on whether to invest in a dress hoop or not, you might be surprised to find out that you can actually rent a dress hoop. Admittedly, it will have been worn by at least one other person, but you won’t be left with the tricky issue of deciding how to store it after your wedding. Alternatively, you could buy one second hand. You can feel confident that the dress hoop you will be using has probably only been worn on one other occasion and you won’t feel bad about wasting money if you decide to just donate it to the charity shop after your wedding to save you trying to fit up in your attic!

Deciding what to wear under your wedding dress is certainly more challenging than most new brides realise and there are so many factors to be considered from the time of year to how much support is needed. In fact, what you wear underneath your dress is arguably as important as what you wear on top of your dress, particularly if you are getting married in the cooler months.

Get the help of your wedding dress fitter or stylist on what you should wear underneath (or on top of) your dress, they can offer invaluable guidance on how to perfect your bridal look.

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