Wedding Cake Toppers

From traditional to unique, there are a range of wedding cake toppers currently available on todays market.

The traditional cake topper for a wedding cake is seen to be a figurine of the Bride and Groom. The history behind wedding cake toppers dates so far back that a lot of its history of how the cake toppers originated, is a mystery.

It has become more popular for couples to include their pets in their wedding toppers, dogs and cats, and I suppose this is shown as a symbol of their ‘Family’ together.

Cake Topper with Dog

Other cake toppers such as cartoon characters of the couple and funny toppers are also popular and add a little bit of fun to your photographs, especially when cutting the cake!

Cake topper with guitar

More modern toppers such as photographs of the couple and even their initials are becoming more and more popular.

Clearwell - Topper

When choosing your wedding topper, consider your theme, the colour and whether you want to personalise your cake.

Emma at Clearwell Castle.

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