Reasons why a guest book is a must at your wedding

A great wedding will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding or your guest list is half a mile long, you want to remember every moment. Here at Clearwell Castle, we provide the ultimate setting for a truly memorable day. As well as working with your photographer to get the shots you want, you should consider a wedding guest book. It’s another way to capture the mood, atmosphere and small details of your special day.

wedding guest book

Wedding guest books are no new thing. They’ve long been used at receptions. The question is, why is it worth having a guest book at your wedding?

The perfect keepsake

Your wedding album will no doubt provide an excellent insight into your special day, but what about the stories and memories that go with the pictures? It’s difficult to save items from your wedding. Cake has to be eaten, flowers don’t last and the centrepieces you spent so much time designing are likely to be too large for you to keep on display at home. A wedding guest book however is a perfectly sized, easy to store keepsake that you can hold onto and look back on for years to come.

There are a number of great guest book designs out there, which you can personalise with details and pictures of you as a couple.

A special insight into your day

As well as providing a who’s who of your wedding day, a guest book offers guests the opportunity to share their favourite moments and well-wishes for the newlyweds. Making sure your guests write in your guest book on the day itself isn’t easy. There will be so much going on, and you don’t want to spend your wedding working the room making sure everyone signs it. With this in mind, the placement of your guest book makes all the difference. Brides provides some great advice on where to put your guest book for optimum signing success:

“One of the best keepsakes you’ll have from your big day is your guestbook. But of course, it means nothing unless your friends and family actually write you a personalized message in it! Your guests will be more inclined to write a thoughtful message if the guestbook is directly in their sightline instead of tucked into a corner somewhere, so make sure to select a spot that is centrally located. Many brides choose to place their guestbooks at the entrance or exit of the ceremony space, and transport the book to their reception as well for guests who were unable to sign initially. Placing the book on a dedicated table with a corresponding sign will alert attendees to its presence and encourage participation.”

Some couples choose to nominate a guest or venue staff member to ‘do the rounds’ with the guest book to ensure every attendee has their say. Opting for one of these unusual guest book ideas also ensures intrigued guests will be queuing up to sign it leaving you with a keepsake full of great stories.

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