Easy ways to say “thank you” to your wedding guests

Whilst you and your fiancé will have of course done the vast majority of the leg work during the wedding planning process, the efforts and support of your loved ones will have made a huge difference.

Whether your friends and family members played active roles in the organisation of your big day or offered a shoulder to cry on when wedding planning stress became a little too much, it’s important to show them exactly what their contribution meant to you.

Even guests who took a back seat during wedding preparations but attended your big day and splashed out on a gift – all the same – deserve to be thanked, and there are so many special gestures that will allow you to do just that.

Send a thank you note

There’s a reason why the humble note remains the most popular way to say “thank you” to wedding guests. Penning sweet, preferably handwritten and personalised notes to each and every one of your guests may be a time-consuming undertaking but it’s a post-wedding task that simply shouldn’t be skipped.

Every guest should be sent a thank you note if they attended and/or sent a gift, but what exactly should you write when it comes to putting pen to paper? We’ll let The Knot answer this all-important question:

“When writing your message, start by addressing each guest who attended (or signed the gift’s card) by their name. Express your gratitude for their presence on your wedding day (or at your pre wedding event), and mention any gifts received by name. Write a line or two about why you like the gift and how it’ll be used—especially if they gave a monetary gift.”

Do things a little differently

With the sheer range of technology accessible today, it was only a matter of time before couples started saying “thank you” without the notes. Many newlyweds are getting creative with how they thank their guests using images and videos to show just how grateful they are.

Give them a favour

You don’t have to wait until after your wedding has been and gone to express gratitude to your guests. Gifting each guest a favour – complete with thank you note – is something you can do on the day and it’s a thoughtful touch every wedding guest adores.

Whilst here at Clearwell Castle and other Country House Weddings venues, we don’t allow the giving of alcohol as table favours, there are tons of wedding favour inspiration out there for every theme and budget. To make things extra special, why not personalise your wedding favours or make them yourself?

Welcome your guests well

Give your guests more than just a warm welcome by providing welcome bags to show your gratitude and supply the goodies they need to see them through your wedding day. Welcome bags are particularly great ideas for overnight or out-of-town guests, and the ideal way to help them feel thoroughly appreciated.

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