5 Romantic wedding shots to inspire your own wedding photoshoot

Looking for inspiration for your romantic wedding day photoshoot? In this post, we share some of the best candid shots taken by our team of professional wedding photographers. These fantastic pictures were taken of couples married at at Clearwell Castle.

Warmth and a personal touch

Warmth and a personal touch

What we love about this shot by Nick Murray is that it captures the joy and special magic of a wedding day. The shot is full of emotion and bright feelings; many wedding day shots are beautifully styled, but sometimes fail to capture the feel-good factor of the day. This photo perfectly captures that signature emotional high of getting married. The joyful expressions are highlighted by the rich green and yellow foliage surrounding the couple.

We also love how the photo feels very personal and authentic, rather than overly stylised or posed. Shot through leaves and from a low angle, the image conveys an intimate glimpse of the couple’s happiness.

Charm and colour

Charm and colour

There are many things to admire about a candid romantic moment captured by our Clearwell Castle photographer Dan Morris. The angle of this shot perfectly captures the tender moment between the newlyweds; the space between the couple and the observer allow the photograph to retain a sense of warm intimacy and the more private feelings shared between the couple.

In addition, the bright shades – the lush green of the tree leaves, the bright white of the dress and the royal blue of the groom’s suit all combine for an colour-rich, endearing shot. The rich array of colours adds a depth to the photo and draws the eye in.

Majestic backdrop

Majestic backdrop

A romantic wedding day photo can be elevated ten-fold by a striking backdrop, as this photo by Phil Chappell shows. A great photographer will position you so as to capture your surroundings beautifully – helping to make a shot truly memorable.

The regal background of Clearwell Castle sets the stage beautifully for this romantic kiss between the two newlyweds. This shot is also made all the more complex and enticing, thanks to the strong colour contrasts within it. The midnight blue of the sky sets off the warm amber glow of the halo of light surrounding the castle, while the dazzling white spotlight and crisp white and black of the bride and groom’s outfits are highlighted further by the other colours within the shot.

Soulful feel


This photo from Anthony Ball captures the life and movement of the moment perfectly; from the sway of the bride’s dress, to the falling confetti – this photo is far from a frozen, rigidly stylised shot. The black and white hue of the photograph also adds a romantic, classic feel to the photograph.

The perfect formula for a romantic wedding day photograph

The perfect romantic shot is made through an emotional connection, the right angle and an arresting backdrop. Inspired by these romantic wedding day photographs? If you’d like to arrange a photographer through us, then please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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