How to ensure your bridal shoes stay comfortable during your wedding

The key to staying comfortable throughout your wedding day and evening celebrations is a great pair of wedding shoes. You could embrace flats, or look for shoes decked out with padding to prevent discomfort. In this post, we take a look at which bridal shoes offer the best solution to this age-old problem.

Comfy wedding shoes

Go for flats

While flats may not seem like the most glamorous option on your wedding day, they can be the perfect choice for any bride looking for maximum comfort. A cute pair of ballerina pumps in a colour that matches your dress will look good on any bride.

If flats don’t appeal to your sense of charm, consider your dress. Depending on its design – if it has a long and full skirt, for example – guests may not even be able to see your shoes anyway.

Break in your heels

If you have your heart set on a pair of towering heels, then be sure to break them in before your wedding day. Spend time walking around in your shoes before you hit the aisle. It doesn’t take much to make a pair of heels comfortable – walking in them for half an hour each day in the runup to your wedding is enough. If you’re putting on your heels for the first time on the big day, they’re guaranteed to pinch and ache in all the wrong places.

Pink heels

Buy some insoles

Insoles are also a strong investment for any bride concerned about supportive bridal footwear. Brides explores the benefits of investing in insoles below:

“Investing in a pair of cushioned inserts for your wedding footwear is even more important to nuptial bliss than selecting the perfect pair of heels. The array of insert options is infinite, which means you can choose an option based upon your particular foot ailments. If you wish for an all-encompassing solution, search for a gel or full insole that supports the length of your foot.”

Choose carefully

When shopping for your wedding shoes, your eye may be drawn to a pair of beautifully-embellished, towering stiletto heels, but think carefully before you buy. If you don’t regularly wear 4-5 inch heels then a pair of sky-high high-heeled shoes may make for a terrible end to your wedding day. Make sure you buy heels with a heel height you know you are comfortable walking in for prolonged periods.

In addition, watch out for embellishments. While they may look gorgeous, beads and other gems may catch the edge of your gown and rip it. If you want to wear shoes with a bit of sparkle then make sure that your dress isn’t long enough to get caught in any sharp adornments.

Comfortable bridal shoes 101

From insoles to flats, there are several ways to ensure that your bridal shoes stay comfortable during your wedding. Consider carefully how your shoes will be on the day and prepare in advance by breaking them in.

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