The castle style

Time and again, the castle theme is something that always crops up when we talk about romance and weddings. Whether it’s King Arthur and Guinevere that pop into your mind or maybe something a little more fantastical, like Game of Thrones, there is so much one can do with this style.

Melding and experimenting with different styles is certainly the best way to go. There’s no real standard way of creating a castle theme, it’s all down to the couple in question, but here a few little ideas which are perfect.

A fitting venue

Clearwell Castle

Well, the first thing you need to form the foundation of your castle themed wedding is, of course, a castle. At CHW we have the very best option for you – Clearwell Castle. Situated in the magical Forest of Dean, this 17th century gem is the winner of the British Wedding Awards ‘Best Wedding Venue’ 2016 & 2017. Boasting 15 gorgeous bedrooms and a most magnificent fairytale ballroom, if you want to be a lord and lady for a day, this is the place!

Blend styles

For a Medieval theme, it’s always good to blend, so have simple rustic wooden servers next to pewter goblets. Writing in Top Wedding Sites, Jahid Hashan writes: “Deciding on what your sub-theme should be will help you focus on the type of decorations you will need. For a royalty-type wedding, your decorations would obviously be more elaborate and “rich” looking, with deep rich color tones. For a peasant-style wedding, you should keep things simplistic and rustic. For example, use wildflowers, earthen type pottery, and rustic type lanterns.”

Blending styles

A colourful feast

We each have this vision in our head of what a Medieval feast looks like, and it usually consists of wild roast boar, an abundance of fruit and wine, as well as a plethora of roast meats, like beef and chicken. In our opinion, a hearty Medieval feast is about brooding festive colours, purple and red hues are sublime! So, think figs, grapes and berry glazed lamb. Just divine!

Magical flowers

Create a true fairytale vibe with an abundance of florals, from cute bunches of fresh herbs tied up in silk ribbons to place along the tables (and to be little gifts for your guests to take home), to your wedding bouquet, a cascading cacophony of gorgeous roses, lavender and other traditional English florals, enhancing the prestige with some very elaborate peacock feathers. Check out Top Wedding Sites article on a Medieval themed wedding, which has an amazing section on flowers.

Adorn with style

Forest bride

Adorning your reception tables and chairs with classical castle styles is a simple task. Instead of having plain white tablecloths, go for some light velvet ones in a variety of dark colours, velvet of course befitting that noble style. For the chairs, get some faux fur throws in Autumnal browns, this will certainly ramp up the style.

Essentially, for a castle theme, it’s all about blending Medieval/Renaissance themes with a strong element of fairytale. It’s this combination that creates a simply wondrous and beautiful style, bringing something truly special to life.

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