Traditional gift ideas for each wedding anniversary

It’s not just wedding guests who have to deal with the debacle of finding the perfect gift. After you say “I do”, you’ll have a new occasion to look forward to and a chance to get creative with gift buying every year.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary in style is a must whether you’re marking one year of wedded bliss or a few decades. Buying that special something for that special someone in your life is far from easy, especially after ideas have been exhausted on the birthdays, Christmases and occasions of yesteryear. Going traditional however will provide a never-ending source of wedding anniversary gift inspiration.

We look at the traditional gift ideas that’ll get you through and the hidden meanings that’ll keep your husband or wife smiling with every anniversary.

1st – Present paper

Every wedding anniversary is extra special but celebrating your first in a big way just has to be done. As well as using our ideas for celebrating your first anniversary, take the opportunity to get started with the traditional gifting theme by giving your husband or wife a paper present.

Whilst unassuming, gifting paper has a powerful, utterly romantic and poignant meaning as MyDayRegistry explains:

“There’s a lot of symbolism at work here. Essentially, the paper serves as a reminder that you’re writing the story of your lives together, page by page. Your first anniversary marks the completion of the first “chapter” in your marriage. Additionally, paper is delicate and fragile, and this serves as a reminder that your new marriage, while still strong, will require a lot of work to keep it that way.”

Presenting your partner with a piece of plain paper may not garner the reaction you’d like but how about these modern gifts with a traditional twist? Commission a personalised sketch of your wedding venue or give the gift that keeps on giving with this date night card set.

5th – Gift something wooden

Wood is traditionally given as a gift at the five-year mark. Durable and long-lasting, wood perfectly represents the strength of the marriage bond and the solidified relationship you’ve no doubt built so far.

There are tons of personalised, wood gifts that make the perfect anniversary presents but doing something together is a great way to celebrate too. You could plant a tree in your backyard or a place that’s special to you both, or take a hike in the forest together for example.

10th – Say it with tin

In the UK, tin is traditionally given as a 10th wedding anniversary present. This metal signifies exactly what marriage has to be, strong, flexible, and able to be bent without breaking. Surprisingly there are some beautiful tin gifts out there. Tin photo prints, planters and memory boxes all make great additions to the marital home.

20th – Celebrate with china

Delicate, beautiful and elegant, china is the traditional gift to give at the 20-year mark. You don’t have to shell out for a china dinner set to impress, however.

There are some stunning decorative china wall plates that will look great in your home, whilst G&T loving spouses will adore this vintage style Yvonne Ellen gin teapot.

30th – Surprise them with pearls

Just like a pearl, a great marriage grows with time so it’s no surprise that this gem is the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. This quirky Two Pearls in a Pod from Marvling Bros is a great 30th anniversary gift, and there’s endless inspiration in the pearl jewellery department too.


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