Honeymoon packing tips straight from our experts

Once your wedding day has been and gone, there’s one more act of wedded bliss to look forward to – the honeymoon. Honeymoons are a brilliant way to start married life, and with so many great honeymoon destinations to choose from, those marrying in 2020 will be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re opting for an action-packed adventure or heading to a far-flung location to soak up the sun on a white sandy beach, packing like a pro will ensure you can thoroughly enjoy your first holiday as a married couple.

In this blog post, we share honeymoon packing tips straight from our experts, so you can prepare for your honeymoon stress-free, even in the midst of wedding planning chaos!

Start preparations early

Start preparing for your honeymoon early to avoid last-minute rushes, especially if you plan to leave straight after your wedding day.

Get clued up on your chosen airline’s baggage restrictions, as well as the health and travel advisories that often go hand-in-hand with exotic honeymoon destinations. Immunisations have to be completed weeks in advance. In fact, the UK Government recommends visiting a health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your honeymoon to take the necessary preventative measures.

Remember honeymoon health matters

You don’t want anything to put a dampener on your first foray as a married couple. Be sure to pack plenty of over the counter medicines to ensure symptoms can be combated or managed should they arise. Pain relief medication, cold remedies, allergy tablets, anti-diarrhoea tablets, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, tissues and insect repellent should all be on your honeymoon packing list.

Prepare for the worse

You’ve probably been planning your honeymoon wardrobe for a while. Don’t risk losing it by splitting your combined luggage across your and your new spouse’s checked suitcases and smaller carry-ons. Unfortunately, lost baggage happens but by sharing your suitcases, you can keep hold of at least some of your carefully planned honeymoon luggage even if disaster strikes and baggage is lost.

Make sure your carry-on luggage contains essentials that you couldn’t be without, including visas, tickets, itineraries, confirmations, contact information and passports. Don’t forget to make and pack copies of all essential travel documents. It’s also a great idea to pack a change of clothes and chargers for gadgets in your hand luggage so if delays occur, you can stay fresh and entertained.

With both checked and carry-on luggage, make sure you weigh in advance to avoid oversized baggage fees.

Lists are your friend

You’re certain to be a professional when it comes to making lists, wedding planning, after all, requires a lot of them. Exercise your organisational skills further by making a checklist for your honeymoon.

Compile your packing list over the course of a few weeks, not just in one sitting, to ensure items aren’t overlooked and can be added as and when they pop into your head. Make sure you consult the weather report for your chosen destination before planning and adding your honeymoon wardrobe to your packing list.

Pack smart

It’s not just what you pack but how you pack it that matters when preparing for your honeymoon. The right suitcase and carry-on can make all the difference to packing successfully.

Pack with space-saving in mind too as whilst less is more, you don’t want to restrict yourself too much on your honeymoon. Love and Lavender share their space-saving packing techniques so you can ensure there’s room for everything in your honeymoon luggage:

“Rolling outfits into tight rolls can create loads of extra space. Likewise, packing cubes keep things organized and itemized so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. When packing bulky items for colder climates, vacuum lock bags can help squeeze out some of the extra air you don’t need to take with you. We’ve used vacuum bags from IKEA quite successfully over the past year to help squish all our stuff into one suitcase — even on long trips of 8 weeks or more!”

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