A Jane Austen fantasy

The stories of Jane Austen continue to beguile and enchant generations of readers. They conjure romantic images of women in lace dresses and men in riding attire, falling in love to the backdrop of beautiful country houses. From Sense and Sensibility to Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen offers broad inspiration for your wedding tables.

Jane Austen theme

We are devout Austen fans and we’ve come up with a few awesome ideas to create a Jane Austen themed wedding reception. Focusing on table styling, we think you will love these little tips and tricks to create something truly memorable.

As a Style of Living blog says about the Austen inspirations:

“‘Inspired Wedding’ does not mean replica wedding. Inspiration implies touches or ideas; obviously the stronger and more widely you use your inspiration the more telling it will be, but having an inspirational theme or idea to your wedding does not mean you need to become a leading expert in your chosen idea.”

So in other words, don’t worry too much about getting everything down to a fine and historically accurate detail. The best themed weddings always have a mixture of the couple’s personalities, as well as specific things from whichever theme they choose.

The dainty cupcake

What creates a better image of Regency gentility than the dainty cupcake? With your wedding cake already sorted, your guests will still have room for one of these sugary treats. The Regency era was all about florals, so source some cupcakes gracefully adorned with real flowers, such as traditional English lavender and red rose petals.

Time for tea

Tea cup

The Georgian and Regency era was a time when tea, and especially afternoon tea, was in vogue. Wealthy ladies took the time to gather together in their ornate drawing rooms and indulge in it.

Surprisingly, tea is mentioned only six times across all of Austen’s novels. However, it is still the perfect addition to your Jane Austen inspired wedding tables. Festoon each table in bone china cups and saucers, as well as a silver tea service.

Say it with flowers

Georgians were devoted to being neat and tidy, so you may have to use a little artistic licence with this decorative idea. For the ultimate touch of romance and drama, scatter red roses across your tables. If your overall look is white linen and lace, this burst of intense colour will offer an amazing punch.


The written word

Take the literary theme up a notch by finding some inventive ways to include pages from Jane Austen’s many novels in your table style design. Name cards can be written in stunning calligraphy across torn pages, with origami birds made out of vintage books. You might even include mini Austen novels as gifts for guests. These are readily available from book shops like Waterstones or online repositories like Amazon.

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