Moroccan dreams

A country of eternal beauty and mystery, attracting many an artist, poet and author throughout the centuries. The Kingdom of Morocco remains one of the those places that never fails to delight and intrigue, a country that has an appeal one just can’t resist. From its beautiful Islamic architecture, to it’s blend of Arab, French and North African cultural influences, indeed, Morocco is a place of unique charm.

Moroccan style

Weaving a Moroccan theme into your wedding reception is not hard, in fact you would be surprised at how popular this theme truly is. Essentially, the Moroccan theme is about the historical; it’s about old customs, traditions and artisanship. If you remember this, then you’ll be able to create something that is truly magnificent, a great spectacle for your guests to behold.

1. Colours of the East

Devising an appropriate colour scheme is one of the first things you should do, and when it comes to the colours of Morocco, there is so many avenues you could go down. Regal colours for example, like royal blue and rich purple, or something a little more rustic like burnt orange and sunshine yellow, because as long as there is some element of brightness, than you can’t go wrong.

2. Artistic Tapestry

Mesmeric tapestry designs are a staple part of Moroccan culture. You can see them everywhere  across the great cities like Casablanca and Fez, as well as in the countryside, where many villages and tribes have their own variations in styles.

Include some embroidered Moroccan tablecloths and blankets (to drape over the guests chairs) as part of your wedding theme. You can find many in Middle Eastern homeware stores, as well as online.

3. Moroccan Nik-Naks

Little authentic flourishes are what will make your Moroccan wedding theme tip the boundaries into being exceptional. As Brides writes: “Hit the souk — or, you know, Etsy — for décor items. One way to welcome (and refresh!) your guests is with a Moroccan mint-tea service. Or find a way to include the refreshment as your signature cocktail. Consider other easy places to add a dash of Moroccan-flare to your wedding day. Runners, lanterns and programs with arabesque motifs and Islamic art patterns add visual interest and drive the theme home.”

4. Blending East and West

Blending the Middle Eastern style into your wedding reception is going to be a thoroughly fascinating exploration into mixing two opposites. For a bit of inspiration, get your hands on some art books, which detail the Islamic style of art and architecture. Although not Moroccan, check out the Alhambra Palace, located in Spain, for some specific inspiration, as this is a place where Islamic, Christian and even Jewish artistic styles were experimented with, creating an exceptionally gorgeous display.

Morrocan lanterns5. Charming Lanterns

It would be impossible to have a Moroccan themed wedding reception without including the ubiquitous, yet still thoroughly romantic, Moroccan lantern. Whether you go for polished brass and plain glass, or something a little bit more decadent, then you will certainly set the right tone for your theme.

Moroccan lamps remain ever popular in the UK, with many places from Harrods to TK Maxx selling them.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our ideas and, moreover, we hope that you have been inspired by these Moroccan themed ideas.

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