Middle Eastern beauty

If you’re a Muslim couple looking to create a lavish reception, a Middle Eastern theme would be perfect! Something which blends all the best elements of the many rich and diverse cultures across the Muslim world, from Morocco to Iran, Turkey to Syria, there’s so much beauty you can be inspired by.

Middle Eastern theme

You will have your own traditions of course, for the ceremony, whether you’re of Pakistani, Yemeni heritage etc, but the reception can be something totally out of the blue, yet in keeping with solemnity of the occasion.

The Middle Eastern themed wedding is primarily about capturing those colours, as The Wedding Community writes: “If you are getting married late summer or autumn, why not have a Middle Eastern themed wedding and incorporate an amazing richness of colour and luxury. Use bright colours for clothing, flowers and surrounds and mix with deep tones of purples, pinks, blues and yellows throughout. Shades of gold and luxurious candelabras and plates will work well to bring the feel of luxury together.”

Moroccan colours

Morocco has long been a feast for the eyes, with its vibrant and hypnotic mix of colours. For your wedding reception, have a think about adding some Moroccan embellishments, such as using beautiful tiles as coasters, or displaying tablecloths in a bright burst of geometric patterns.

Moroccan colours

Persian florals

The Persians have, for centuries, been a fan of flowers, from great poets like Hafiz and Sa’adi to the many talented artists, who have included different flowers in their impressive miniature paintings. For your wedding tables, why not choose some distinctly Persian florals. The main flowers which are distinctly Persian are roses, tulips and poppies; however, one flower which is particularly used for celebrations, such as during Persian new year, is hyacinth.

Heavenly henna

Many of us assume henna painting, that is decorating the bride’s hands and arms in gorgeous shapes, is a purely Indian tradition; however, henna painting or tattooing, is a tradition that is seen in various countries in the Middle East, such as Yemen and Palestine. So, why not set up a cute little henna station in the corner of your reception hall.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

It simply wouldn’t be a wedding reception without dance. So, why not include a traditional Lebanese Zaffe dance as part of the evening entertainment? As Al Arabiya writes – “The zaffe is a cultural dance that takes place at weddings in the Arab world and specifically in Lebanon.

In recent years, the zaffe has become a modern wedding tradition in Beirut, with a troop of dancers performing in anticipation of the couple’s entry.”

Mint tea

One specific, and refreshing, addition to a Middle Eastern themed wedding reception is to treat your guests to a traditional Middle Eastern mint tea, in a traditional silver or gold service. Mint is favoured across the Arab and Muslim world. Ideally, you’d serve the tea in some evocative and ornate cups and teapots, whether Turkish or Moroccan, they’ll add that awesome little touch of the Orient.

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