The History of Wedding Favours

Have you ever wondered where wedding favours came from? You would think that wedding favours are a modern tradition but in fact they have developed over many centuries.

Chutney favour

The very first wedding favours were known as ‘bonbonnieres’ and were gifts given to guests as they are today. The meaning behind a wedding favour is that it is a symbol of good luck. Today, guests usually look forward to something sweet for their favour but many centuries ago bridal parties would give their guests a sugar cube as a sign for wealth. Sugar cubes were seen to be very expensive and therefore were only available to the rich.

Over time sugar cubes became affordable to everyone and were later substituted for almonds coated in sugar, sugared almonds also known as confetti, which we know today and are a still a popular traditional wedding favour to choose.

Brooch favour

Today many Brides and Grooms provide their guests with a small gift as their wedding favour as a thank you for sharing their special day with them.  There are a wide range of favours to choose from and ideas are forever growing. When choosing your wedding favours consider your colour theme and to co-ordinate this with your day. There are also a range of favours to suit your theme or season you are planning to the getting married.  Don’t forget that the team at Clearwell are on hand with lots of options for your wedding favours, meaning you have one less thing to worry about!

Whatever favours you decide to choose, I’m sure they will look great on your big day!

Emma at Clearwell Castle

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