What to wear rather than the traditional bridal dress


If you’re not a fan of the classic glamorous white wedding dress, then why not consider a tailored jumpsuit, a wash of colour, or bold patterns for your own wedding day attire?

Bridal jumpsuits

Bridal jumpsuits bring a cool androgynous vibe to a bride’s look and are ideal if you’re a woman who is more confident in jeans and a t-shirt, rather than a dress. Bridal jumpsuits come in a range of styles, why not go for a smart, tailored white jumpsuit, with minimal detailing for a cool, sophisticated look? If you love the ideal of a bridal jumpsuit, but you’d like to infuse it with some more femininity, there are many ladylike styles on the market; including jumpsuits that are designed using lace, chiffon and pretty crystal embellishments.

Go for colours

Many brides go for a white wedding dress for their wedding, but one way to individualise your look is by going for a wedding dress in a vibrant hue. Coloured wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to standout in a sea of cream and ivory.

Opt for a shade that matches your skintone and overall colour scheme. Pastel tones are perfect for women with pale skin, light hair and light eyes. In contrast, women with darker, warmer skin tones look striking in warmer hues, such as burnt orange and royal purple. Red is universally flattering for all skintones, and is the perfect romantic shade to embrace for a wedding.

If you’d like to wear a traditional white dress, but still bring in some colour into your wedding day look, then go for colourful skirt underlays, either in a single shade, or in a variety of colours. You could also go for a colourful netted overlay on the body of your dress, or opt for dyed lace sleeves and a matching sash.

In addition, you’ll want to carefully consider how to match your look with your bridesmaids, select shades that compliment or flatteringly contrast with each other. If you’re going for a bright shade of blue for your own dress, then why not put your bridesmaids in pastel blue? In contrast, you can play around with ‘clashing colours’ – such as red and purple, for a really striking look.

Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns can look absolutely stunning on a wedding dress. If you’re going for a material of gorgeous silk, then this is the perfect fabric to help play up some fabulous designs, in vibrant shades.

If you’re going for prints and patterns, you might like to keep sections of your dress white, such as a white bodice, with a coloured skirt. Or, you may like to go all out with bold patterns on your dress design, while wearing a classic white veil for a more traditional edge.

You don’t have to play game

There are many alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress, as the Telegraph note, you don’t have to play the game, so why not do it your way?

“But you know what I learnt? You don’t have to play their game. The traditional wedding market is an overpriced taste crisis. As that old sage Frank Underwood in House of Cards says, ‘If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.’ I feel this is particularly applicable when discussing any occasion featuring table ornamentation.”

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