Alternatives to the traditional wedding cake

In past decades, the white three-tiered wedding cake was the cornerstone of any wedding. Nowadays, more and more newlyweds are turning to other alternatives to satisfy their guests’ sweet tooth; from doughnut platters to collections of rainbow coloured macarons. Below, we explore the best alternatives to a traditional wedding cake.

Doughnut Platter

A colourful selection of doughnuts

A doughnut platter is a charming and playful alternative to a traditional wedding cake. It is a great option for the bride and groom who remain children at heart.  You can go the classy route and opt for a pyramid of doughnuts that have been lightly dusted in icing sugar, or you could choose to run with your inner child and opt for an array of colourful rings, covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Biscuit Platter

A biscuit platter

A biscuit platter allows for boundless creativity. Biscuits can be styled into a variety of shapes and iced with cute designs; making them a stunning dessert. You could opt for biscuits cut into cute bride-and-groom shapes or go for a classic rainbow or chocolate chip cookie.

Cupcake Selection

A selection of cupcakes

Cupcakes have a well-earned reputation for being sweet and endearing; we see them as the eternally romantic sweet-treat. They can be charmingly decorated with white or multi-coloured icing, and can be topped with sweet and delicate toppings; such as small heart or diamond shapes.

As, Kristen O’Gorman Klein of Bridal Guide magazine, gushes: “cupcakes are a fun alternative to a wedding cake. And they have a real advantage when it comes to picky eaters: You can mix and match a wide variety of flavors so that there’s something for everyone”.


A serving of cheesecake

If you’d still like a sweet dessert for your wedding with the decadence of a fine cake, without going for the traditional fruit cake, you may love the idea of replacing the traditional, white-iced cake with a three-tiered cheesecake. Creamy, and light; this is a lovely option for a warmer spring or summer wedding.

Macaron Tower

A macaron tower

Macarons emulate a certain elegance and would be perfectly at home on any wedding dinner table. Ganache Macaron craft beautiful ‘macaron towers’ in a variety of colours, so you can craft your tower to suit your wedding colour scheme. You can have yours decorated with a variety of edible decorations. The classic towers also include sugar-paste roses at the bottom of the structure.

Endless Options

There are many alternative wedding cake possibilities that could make the perfect end to your wedding day meal. Sometimes it’s nice to break the mold and go for something a little more alternative. Whether you’re going for a stunning macaron tower or an airy cheesecake, these above options are all brilliantly memorable way to end your wedding day feast.

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