Your wedding day – How to get the timings right

Knowing what to do, and when, on your wedding day is one of the many challenges couples face during the wedding. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or your guest list is a little longer, getting the timings right is an important part of preparations. A finely tuned wedding schedule will ensure that not just you and your groom know where you have to be, but your guests and suppliers have a clear idea about where they’re needed throughout your big day too. In this blog post, we take a closer look at how to finalise your own sequence of events with a carefully prepared timetable that will keep celebrations running smoothly from start to finish.

Take inspiration from traditional timelines

The traditional running orders of weddings can provide all the inspiration you need to prepare your own wedding schedule. Take these examples from You and Your Wedding. Here you’ll find traditional timings for church ceremonies followed by a reception in another venue, a simplified option for those looking for minimal fuss and a rundown of events for couples tying the knot at the same venue.

It’s great to take inspiration from the traditional way of doing things but remember your wedding ceremony and reception should be about you and your partner. Personalising your wedding day is important so don’t be afraid to tweak things that don’t work for you or fall in line with your vision.

Get your venue and suppliers involved

Your wedding day timings will have to factor in the logistics of your chosen wedding venue and as our distinctive castle venue demonstrates, some wedding venues are more unique than others. Thinking about your wedding’s unique logistics and making the most of every part of the venue and its suppliers is imperative. Collaborate closely with your venue and suppliers to ensure your wedding day timings work. Ask as many questions as you need to ask to ensure key decisions are made and the resulting timings are right for you and your dream day.

Give yourself some buffers

Giving yourself enough time to let your wedding day dreams unfold is important. It’s also underestimated by many couples tying the knot. Just as we advise couples getting married here at Clearwell, WeddingWire recommends adding some buffers to your timings for ultimate peace of mind:

“There are going to be some little (but important) details that you may forget to include in your wedding timeline—including eating breakfast (super-important!), signing the marriage license, and more. Your wedding planner or venue event manager should know what these are and can help you schedule them in, but make sure that your schedule allows for lots of cushion time. If there’s any form of transportation involved (to the ceremony or from the ceremony to the reception), be sure to allow at least a 15-minute buffer in case there’s unexpected traffic or other delays. You’ll be glad you planned ahead!”

As well as adding some buffers to timings, make sure you set aside time for each other on your wedding day. Read how to do just that with our 5 ways to spend more time together as newlyweds on your big day.

Confirm and share your timings

Your wedding timings shouldn’t be a secret. Share them with your partner, bridesmaids, groomsmen and wider bridal party, not forgetting your venue coordinator and suppliers, to ensure you have the support you need to execute your wedding celebrations to perfection.

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