Wedding Ducks

The new Mr & Mrs Knowles got married here on Saturday 2nd March 2013.  Jen’s love for ducks was very evident on the day, there were duck favours, duck name cards and even a duck cake!  Jen wrote this story for her guests and we’d like to share it with you all.

Wedding Ducks

It may seem slightly peculiar to have ducks as a wedding theme but did you know that ducks are a symbol for a long and happy marriage and they actually have a special role to play in traditional Korean weddings.

It is believed that ducks mate for life so traditionally a Korean man expressed his wish to get married by giving a pair of wooden ducks to the family of his Bride-to-be.

The wedding duck symbolise three things:

1. Peace
2. Many children
3. No separations

They have tassels around their bills which is supposed to remind the couple that silence is powerful. Very traditional ducks only had the bill of the female bound with a ribbon which meant the Bride is prevented from nagging her husband by keeping her beak shut!

When it is time for the wedding, the ducks must be wrapped in different coloured cloths (except the neck of the duck) and are carried to the ceremony. Then the Groom’s mother throws a duck to the outspread Bride’s apron. If the Bride manages to catch the duck it is believed that she will first give birth to a boy, if she misses it will be a girl.

The ducks are carried to the home of the newlyweds and are displayed where they can easily see them. The position in which the ducks are placed explains the relationship status of the couple.

Nose to nose means they are happy together.

Tail to tail means that they are having  trouble in their married life.

If the couple quarrels, one will point to the duck, which reminds them of the peaceful wedding day and they will (hopefully!) stop fighting.

Mr & Mrs Knowles

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