A cosy winter wedding

Snow at Clearwell Castle

The majority of couples choose to tie the knot in either spring or summer, because these seasons would seem to guarantee better weather conditions. For a decade or so, autumn has become increasingly popular; while winter weddings are really the latest chic trend.

Couples have recently started to marry in winter. This trend initially started perhaps because the bridegroom’s family members live in places as far as Australia, and are able to fly to the UK for the wedding during their summer, which corresponds to winter in the UK. Perhaps other time considerations influenced couples to organise winter weddings. The fact is nowadays – winter weddings are hot (in the sense that they couldn’t be more in).

If you are considering saying “I Do” in this magical season, below we have prepared a checklist of everything you might want to consider. To set the mood, think of the glamour of a white bridal dress in a stunning winter landscape – it truly can’t get more magical than this!

1. The wedding venue

This must be the most important aspect of a winter wedding. Unlike a summer wedding, you can’t just rock up and install a cheap marquee in a field. A winter wedding requires a cozy, warm, (and heated) backdrop. While you’re at it, you might as well choose an elegant venue, such as a medieval English castle. A total mood-setter, your guests will feel the fire warming their hands as soon as they approach the castle.

2. Winter wedding themes

Winter is the perfect season for you to organise a thematic wedding. For example, themes inspired by fantasy and literature, such as Narnia, Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings, are best implemented on the occasion of a winter wedding, because the season and the venue are able to give that fantastical edge to your big day.

You can take inspiration from the costumes in Game of Thrones when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids and groomsmen. If a full outfit seems over-the-top for your frugal taste, you could inspire your bridesmaids to arrange their hairstyle according to this hugely popular series, to give a medieval look to your celebration.

3. The reception menu

The reception menu can also be organised to suit the theme. For example, the Game of Thrones fandom have developed several recipes based on the books and TV series. Most of the dishes offered in the GoT menu are hearty, filling and warming – perfect for a winter wedding and curling up by the fire while having your desserts!

Flowers and fruit

4. Winter décor

The secret to a successful winter wedding décor lies in two ingredients: the perfect mix between colours and materials.

A winter wedding can be set up as a warm and cozy atmospheric event; or a grand, glamorous display of elegance, depending on the mood that you prefer. If you choose warm colours, you will inspire an atmosphere of friendship and closeness, perfect for an intimate wedding with your loved ones. This décor can be emphasised with roses of various tones, mauve and deep purple hydrangeas – as well as branches, nuts and oak leaves. Unless there is a specific reason to not do so, steer clear of holly so as not to re-create too Christmassy a scene.

Glamorous colours, such as white coupled with silver accents, are better suited for larger weddings where you might have invited more people. White and silver are a sure winner for a glamorous winter wedding. In this case, use calla lilies and white hydrangeas to complement the décor, either on the tables or side furniture.

Make sure that every aspect of your venue is carefully considered according to these three aspects – the theme, the menu, and the colours; and your wedding is sure to be remembered for years to come! For more inspiration, we invite you to browse the bespoke packages offered by Country House Weddings at Clearwell Castle – we are sure you will find some further inspirational ideas.

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