Top tips for making your wedding more eco-friendly

Most of us want to live a more conscious lifestyle. Incorporating sustainability into our everyday lives is possible. Recycling, cycling to work, and composting are just some of the practices that can be used to lessen our environmental impact and ultimately be kinder to our planet.

This eco-friendly approach can and should also be used to plan our special occasions, and there’s no better day than your wedding to take this eco-conscious attitude down the aisle.

Eco-friendly or green weddings aren’t just great for the environment. Embracing greener ways of doing things is particularly cost effective. Whether you want to opt for an end-to-end sustainable celebration or add just a few eco-friendly elements to your special day, every small act helps when protecting our planet for generations to come. Below, discover our top tips for making your wedding more eco-friendly.

Go digital with your wedding stationery

You’ll be surprised by how much paper you use when planning your wedding day. Save the dates, official wedding invitations, RSVP cards, direction instructions, menus, table plans and wedding programs are all instrumental to getting people to and through your wedding day. However, going digital and reducing paper use is easier than you think.

Wedding websites are a great way to keep all your wedding information in one place without using paper. There are several resources where you can create your own personalised wedding website for free. The Knot for instance has hundreds of wedding website designs to choose from. From your custom wedding website, you can communicate the details of your wedding day, collect RSVPs, share your gift registry, and much more.

There are some stationery items that you may need to provide as a point of reference on the day itself. Your table plan and itinerary can be made eco-friendly by printing them on recycled paper and only making as many copies as you need.

Celebrate your entire day in one place

Travelling to your wedding day in style is one thing many brides and grooms want to do. But there are many more perks to celebrating your entire day in one place.

Having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place reduces the need to travel for both you and your wedding guests. As well as the logistics of your wedding day being much simpler, your wedding budget will be better off as there’s no need to pay for wedding transportation.

Here, at Clearwell Castle, you can celebrate the entire day with us in a church-like setting within a fairy tale castle. Our civil weddings take place in the Ballroom at the heart of Clearwell Castle. Enjoy every moment of sauntering down our 75-foot long aisle before saying “I do” in luxurious surroundings decorated with silk floral arrangements and enormous chandeliers.

You can lower the emissions and costs of travel even further by arranging coach travel for guests if your chosen venue isn’t on your doorstep.

Be creative with your décor choices

Dressing your wedding venue needn’t cost the earth. Borrow wedding items instead of purchasing them brand new. There are many items that the couple can rent from Clearwell Castle venue, meaning you can have the aesthetic that you want minus the unnecessary waste. Friends and family members may also be useful sources of your ‘something borrowed’.

Get creative by crafting wedding decorations yourself. The same theory can be applied to your wedding favours too as Ideal Bride Magazine details:

“Give a special gift to guests that they’ll actually enjoy. Wrapped sweets and cellophane gift bags are all well and good, but they lack a personal touch – and they’re not so great for the planet. Why not create DIY wedding favours?’’ 

Make a thoughtful gift registry

Buying a wedding gift that the happy couple really wants is a challenge for every wedding guest. While wedding registries help to point guests in the right direction, being more inventive and thoughtful with your gift list ensures your choices aren’t a drain on the planet. There are many ethically sourced and sustainable wedding gift ideas.

Using your gift registry to save for your first home, contribute to your honeymoon fund or donate to your favourite charity are also great ideas for putting the proceeds of your wedding day to good use.

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