Thanks for the memories!

Saying thank you to your guests is a really sweet way of extending the beauty of your wedding. Also, it brings a warm smile to your guests face when they receive even a little note telling them how much you and your beloved appreciated their presence on your big day. There’s so many different ways to say thank you, and in this post we take you through six of them to get the inspiration flowing.

Say it with flowers

Pressed flowers

A neat idea to say thank you to your guests is taking a flower head or a few petals from your bouquet, pressing them and gifting them along with a heartfelt note. This will certainly keep the memories of your wedding day alive for a long time to come. Depending on the amount of guests of course, but even if you had hundreds turn up, you’ll still have enough petals to go around.

Wish you were here


We simply adore this idea from Wedding Party App, saying thank you via a postcard: “Pick up postcards from your honeymoon and use these as your thank you’s. You can even get a head start on your notes and start writing these as you wait in the airport to head home!”

A photo says a thousand words

This is an idea that has gained so much popularity over the last few years, saying thank you with a photo. You can have this shot taken on the day by your wedding photography. Many couples choose to stand together and hold up a sign, in big letters, saying thank you. It’s a really thoughtful way to think about your guests. If you’re racking your brains thinking of ways of how to display saying thank you, then Bride Box has some awesome ideas to choose from.

Funny girl (or boy)

Funny pose

Keeping with the photographic theme, a perfect way to say thank you for couples who love to have a laugh is to send a photo of you and your spouse in a funny post, this will make your guests laugh and certainly be a lasting reminder that encapsulates who you are as a couple. Fun loving and not taking life too seriously, the perfect recipe for a successful marriage we say.

New beginnings

New beginnings

Combining both a thank you and a nod to the future, this idea shows a real mix of emotions. Once more an idea that involves photography, which is to include a shot of you and your new wife or husband standing with your back to the camera and looking out into the big wide world. How stunning!

Lost arts

If you’re a really creative couple, who love a bit of art, then say thank you with an elaborate calligraphy note. For inspiration, search for old medieval manuscripts. This is something your guests will truly treasure, a piece of artwork in itself and also something that has had a lot of time and effort put into it.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our ideas, and if you have any suggestions of unique ways you have said thank you to your guests, we would love to hear about them.

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