The rise of wedding podcasts

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s very easy to become immersed in the world of matrimony. You probably spend most of your free time looking through Pinterest boards, browsing photography websites and going through mental to-do lists of the many things still left to organise. Well, now there’s another way to indulge your love of nuptials – the wedding podcast.

Rapidly growing in popularity, wedding podcasts cover a huge range of topics from music and photography to decorations and guest lists. Although listening to a wedding podcast may seem like a busman’s holiday to some brides, matrimonial podcasts are more varied and funnier than you might think. As @Gwendolyn_Smith says in the Guardian, “They are being tipped in bridal forums as a source of sanity, solace and even sly rebellion against the uptight wedding world.” To help get you started, we’re taking a look at some of the best wedding podcasts currently on the airwaves.


Run by comedian Aleisha McCormack, Bridechilla is one of the most popular wedding podcasts out there. The podcast gives brides permission to ditch outdated wedding traditions and do things their own way. It features episodes on saying no to decorations you don’t like, having a feminist wedding and the pressures of being a modern bride.

Rock My Wedding

Rock My Wedding is hosted by Charlotte O’Shea and Becky Sappor. The podcast focuses on the world of wedding planning and is a very useful resource for anyone currently putting their own day together. The podcast regularly features industry experts and offers a variety of insider tips and advice. As well as being a great listen, the podcast is a fantastic way to find out about the latest industry trends and get some inspiration for your big day.

From Ring to Veil

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the many tasks involved with planning a wedding, listening to From Ring to Veil will remind you that there’s still a lot of fun to be had throughout the process. Hosted by Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills, the podcast features topics like how to write your own vows, whether to just elope and the meaning behind some of your favourite wedding traditions.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Although this podcast doesn’t exclusively cover wedding-related topics, a lot of its episodes are to do with wedding planning, hen parties and other associated activities. Recent episodes of Stuff Mom Never Told You included ‘An unbridled history of bachelorette parties’, ‘Mother-in-Law or Monster-in-Law’ and ‘What I wore when I got married’.

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