What colour will you wear….?

When you think of your wedding dress, you image a beautiful white gown covered in lace, stones and a intricate design.

A recent survey shows that the traditional ‘white’ wedding dress, may in time, be replaced by the younger generation opting to wear a coloured dress on their special day. 25% of young brides will not get married in the traditional white dress and 10% would prefer to marry in red- seen as the colour for love and passion.

Clearwell Castle - Blue Wedding Dress

Many young brides- aged 18 to 24 said they would get married in pink and 4% said blue. However the survey still shows that the traditional white dress is still a popular choice by the older generation.

Clearwell Castle - Wedding Dress

The survey also showed that women are more influenced by their Mums when choosing colours where as the grooms are seen to be more influenced by sporting colours!

Will you choose a traditional dress or be colourful bride?

Emma at Clearwell Castle

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