2017 nail polish trends to embrace for your wedding

In our previous blog post, we explored some of the up and coming beauty trends for spring / summer 2017. Today, we will dive into the world of fashionable nail design for the spring and summer season. Read on for the bang-on trend hues that you might like to sport for your own wedding. Modern […] read more

posted on 23rd Jun 2017

Chris and Sam celebrated their wedding day at Clearwell Castle on Friday 26th May 2017 having booked the castle 2 years prior to their wedding. Chris and Sam met at Cardiff university 13 years ago and he later proposed in October 2014 after giving Sam 10 clues, the final of which read ‘will you marry […] read more

posted on 20th Jun 2017

There are many pretty makeup trends that are going to be popular this spring/summer. Read on for the up and coming makeup styles, from romantic mauve lipstick to bold unicorn makeup. Unicorn makeup This is not as gimmicky and pre-teen as it first sounds, while you may want to leave off the unicorn lipstick – […] read more

posted on 16th Jun 2017

As @WeddingtonWay says, “The colors and theme will set the tone for everything from the invitations to the place settings, so choose hues and a theme that you absolutely love.” If you’re planning a country wedding, or if one of you comes from a farming background, that theme may well be John Deere. A great […] read more

posted on 9th Jun 2017

After the sell out success of Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby in 2013, flapper-style weddings have been one of the most popular wedding trends. Whether it was due to Leo Di Caprio looking super dashing, or Carey Mulligan looking simply divine – with her neat blonde bob, a flapper or prohibition themed wedding is sure […] read more

posted on 2nd Jun 2017

When imagining a bridal shop, do you picture being overwhelmed by layers of floating fabrics and white netting? Do you imagine row after row of white wedding dresses, sporting long skirts, lace, and traditional cuts? How do you personalise your wedding dress and make it your own? Luckily, there are many ways to bring a […] read more

posted on 26th May 2017

How can you make everyone happy? You can’t make a ‘wedding’ omelette without breaking eggs after all! Inevitably, the issue with composing your seating plan for your wedding is that you’ll have to put some people in a less than desirable spot, whether that’s because they’re a long way away from the top table or […] read more

posted on 19th May 2017

As much as you might love ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, you might not want your guests to resemble Gene Kelly á la the street lamp scene! If you do want to avoid having Rihanna’s Umbrella as the soundtrack to your wedding, then there are all sorts of tips for preventing soggy, miserable guests being a […] read more

posted on 12th May 2017

Picking an engagement party gift can be tricky; in contrast to wedding party gifts, there are no obvious guidelines.  Wedding party gifts are generally practical items that a newly-married couple will use around the home, engagement party gifts should be more fun and romantic. In addition, be sure to double check if an engagement party […] read more

posted on 5th May 2017

Vintage accessories have a charm and character that you’re unlikely to find in their modern day equivalents. Embracing vintage accessories for your wedding? Read over our advice before you hit the shops. Work with your dress When buying your accessories, you should consider your desired hairstyle and your wedding dress. As tempting as it is […] read more

posted on 28th Apr 2017

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