Flower jewellery - how to wear it and where to find it

For a number of years, the flower crown has been a staple of boho-chic and English country themed weddings. Encircling the bride’s head with seasonal blooms and colourful petals, flower crowns have been worn by thousands of brides in ceremonies across the country. If you’re not sure the flower crown is for you, or if […] read more

posted on 24th Nov 2017

Although sleeves definitely used to be the go-to style for wedding dresses, over the past decade brides have shunned the long sleeve and opted for strapless, off-the shoulder or short sleeved gowns instead. And though these can look truly spectacular, there’s something irresistibly stylish about the sleeve. If you’re still considering what type of dress […] read more

posted on 17th Nov 2017

As any bride can tell you, the vast majority of your wedding day will be spent on your feet. From walking down the aisle to posing for photos, chatting to guests and dancing the night away, you’re likely to spend 80% of your day walking, standing and boogieing. Unless you want to end your day […] read more

posted on 10th Nov 2017

Emma, Clearwell Castle’s Sales Manager celebrated her wedding reception at the Castle, 10 years after meeting her partner, Dave. Dave proposed to Emma in North Wales whilst on a surprise weekend break with a video ending “Will you marry me?”. Emma has worked at Clearwell Castle for just under 5 years and although initially Emma […] read more

posted on 6th Nov 2017

There is no bridal accessory more quintessential than the bridal veil. A veil will bring a classic look to any bridal style and is a uniquely important choice for a bride on her wedding day. However, with the many styles of bridal veil out there to choose from, how do you go about selecting the […] read more

tags: bridal veil 

posted on 3rd Nov 2017

Working in the same Police force it was on a works night out for Christmas in 2013 that Zoe and Sarah first met. Zoe visited Sarah’s police station in 2014 and a few weeks after this Zoe added Sarah on Facebook. Zoe – “It went from the odd message every other day to daily conversations. […] read more

posted on 30th Oct 2017

As one of the most significant days in anyone’s life, it’s no surprise that weddings have a lot of traditions and superstitions associated with them. From throwing the bouquet to avoiding your partner before the ceremony, brides and grooms have to adhere to a number of important rules on the day they say ‘I do’. […] read more

posted on 27th Oct 2017

Many brides go for a polished and sophisticated up-do. However, if you’ve chosen a more bohemian wedding theme, you may opt for a natural or even disheveled style to better match your other choices. Get your prep work right Obviously, on your wedding day, you don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of […] read more

posted on 20th Oct 2017

If a vase of peonies or roses simply won’t suffice, there alternatives out there for couples who really want to push the envelope. In this post, we explore some quirky yet beautiful centrepieces for your wedding reception tables. From the elaborate to the minimal, the colourful to the subdued, we think these are the most […] read more

posted on 13th Oct 2017

Your wedding day is a chance to explore stylish additions that add some sparkle. Wedding dresses with embellishments and iridescent finishes can dramatically enhance your look on the big day. Wedding dress embellishments There are a number of styles of embellishments to consider for your wedding dress. Pearls are a classic wedding dress embellishment and […] read more

posted on 6th Oct 2017

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