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Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
January 17th 2019
Matthew & Nicola – Friday 12th October 2018
A last minute break to Devon, returning to the destination of their first get away together, Nicola …
Georgina McMullen
October 5th 2018
A Real Life Wedding Blog – Rumiana & Philip’s Summer Wedding
Their engagement took place in a Cardiff restaurant which was special to them. Chapel restaurant saw…
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
August 10th 2018
Malcolm & Eleanor – A Real Life Wedding Blog
Alone time isn’t too easy to come by when you have seven children between the two of you. How…
Nick Bramer
May 23rd 2014
Magical Moments
Everyone knows that there are a great number of things to consider when planning a wedding- the dres…
Nick Bramer
May 8th 2014
Unique Table Plan Designs
Creating your wedding table plan can be fun and creative but also can become very frustrating and tr…
Nick Bramer
August 1st 2013
25 Years of Dreams – Video
Happy National Wedding Day everyone! 1st August 2013 is National Wedding Day- a day to celebrate eve…

The History of Wedding Favours

July 26th 2013

Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

May 31st 2013

Wedding Planning – Where to start?

May 28th 2013

“Our new video advert – your chance to be in it!”

May 23rd 2013

Wedding Hairstyles

May 22nd 2013

Top tips for shopping for your wedding dress

May 17th 2013
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