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posted on 1st Feb 2013

On Friday 25th January, Clearwell Castle hosted the beautiful wedding of Mary and Shane. Having booked their wedding with us only 5 weeks prior to the big day they had a fantastic time, Mary looked stunning and all of the guests commented on what an amazing day it was. We always love to see our couples ideas and plans coming together on their big day – one thing that really stood out on Mary and Shane’s day was their incredible creative cake display which the Bride made herself! Not only did they have a three tier cake, they also had numerous other cakes creating a phenomenal display on the Dias in the Ballroom.

Decorations including candles surrounded the arrangements and the neutral colours complimented the display perfectly. These arrangements definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

When it comes to wedding cakes there are so many options available. Traditionally it is a 2 or 3 tier cake that Bride and Grooms have on their wedding day but here at Clearwell Castle we are now seeing so many more quirky ideas.

Cupcakes are extremely popular and quite a new concept is a cake of cheese! This can then be doubled up as an extra course with the wedding breakfast. How difficult to choose with so many different options! What would you choose?

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