5 of the most romantic & inspirational engagement videos on the net

Although most couples tend to use selfies and social media to announce their engagement, a new trend is picking up steam. The marriage proposal video has quickly become an iconic pre-wedding ritual, and we’re yet to see one that didn’t tug at our heartstrings. Becoming engaged is a special moment and one you’ll be keen to share with family and friends, even if the proposal itself was a private affair.

Marry me

Capturing the moment he asked the question and you said “I do” on video is a great way to share your story before planning meetings and other wedding preparations get underway.

1. The 365-day proposal

There’s commitment, then there’s the 365-day proposal. We’ll let the guys at How He Asked explain how Dean, the groom behind the proposal, popped the question across the course of an entire year:

“After returning from a trip together in early 2014, Dean realized how special Jennifer was to him, and he knew that he couldn’t live without her. After dating just 8 months, he knew that the timing was too soon for a proposal. On Jennifer’s 25th birthday, Dean resolved to ask Jennifer to be his wife in exactly one year on Jennifer’s 26th birthday. However, Dean wanted to use his creativity to show Jennifer his devotion and make a thoughtful proposal. After returning from her birthday party, Dean started planning and making a video proposal: one that counted down to Jennifer’s 26th birthday. Every day for the entire year, Dean recorded a short message of proposal with the date, set to music, counting down to the big day.”

Watch Dean and Jennifer’s 365-day proposal here.

2. The live TV proposal

Although opportunities to propose on live TV are few and far between, when the tables turn and TV stars are at the centre of proposals, it always makes for a great watch. AccuWeather’s local weather broadcaster got the shock of her life when her partner turned up at work to deliver a surprise she wasn’t expecting, live on air. Watch the full proposal video here.

3. The ‘up in the air’ proposal

When these flying enthusiasts took off for a flight, the lucky lady didn’t know that initiating something called a ‘ring engagement procedure’ would become one of the most memorable moments in her life. View the video where she thought they were heading for a crash and ended up with a ring. Trust us, it’s more romantic and less harrowing than it sounds!

4. The rom-com worthy proposal

Claudette and Jonathan’s video goes back to basics while using some inspired cinematography. Watch their magical, truly sweet and highly emotional engagement video.

5. The movie trailer proposal

This marriage proposal video wouldn’t look out of place on a cinema screen, and is one of the most viewed on YouTube. Matt takes his girlfriend Ginny’s love of cinema going to deliver a romantic proposal that is now iconic around the world. Watch the movie trailer proposal for yourself right here.

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