Samantha and Shaun: a besotted couple!

For all those still looking for their special someone, Samantha and Shaun are living proof that you can find the love of your life and get married much sooner than you might think! The couple went on their first date on 19th April 2012, and got married here in our beautiful Castle on 28th February 2013. Samantha admits that people might think that it has all happened very quickly, but quite simply she says “you just know, when you know”.

After spending time with Samantha and Shaun, it is clear for all to see that they are both besotted and that they absolutely adore each other. Samantha’s eyes light up whenever she sees Shaun, and Shaun’s smile always broadens when he hears Samantha’s vivacious laugh.

Shaun proposed to Samantha whilst they were playing SingStar on the PlayStation at home last November. They were singing along to Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “Don’t go breaking my heart” at the time. The couple admit that karaoke is one of their favourite past times so it was a very personal, and incredibly well-chosen moment on Shaun’s part.

Samantha decided to walk down the aisle to Christina Perri’s “Thousand Years”. This beautiful song was made famous by the film Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Samantha says she chose it not only because she is a fan of the Twilight films but she believes it best describes how she feels about Shaun.

They are a wonderful couple, and I truly wish them all the very best for the future. It was a pleasure looking after them and their lovely guests last week.

Becca at Clearwell Castle

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