The Wedding Alphabet

I have created a wedding alphabet of the essential things to remember when planning your big day! Today I will cover the letters A to G- I hope it will give all of you future Bride and Groom lots of inspiration and ideas.

A – Alcohol

Choosing the right selection of refreshments for your welcome drinks, wine and toast drinks can be a hard decision. Always think about the time of year and season that you are getting married in. Cocktails such as Pimms and Lemonade are lovely in the summer and something seasonal such as mulled wine can be great for a winter wedding. Thinking of colours is also a good idea. For example we do a gorgeous Pink English Dadnor Sparkling wine which looks very effective and pretty in your guest’s glasses for the speeches as well as tasting great!

B – Bridesmaids

Make sure your Bridesmaids take some of the stress away from you! They should know exactly what the plan is for the day so that you can just relax and enjoy it. Having a girly evening the night before your wedding really helps you to de stress and start getting excited! I stayed in the Keepers Cottage the night before my wedding and being here on site at the Castle on the morning of the wedding was great as myself and the Bridesmaids had lots of leisurely time to get ready.

C – Cake of Cheese

I love this idea. Choosing a wedding cake can be difficult and finding something different can be even harder. A cake made of cheese looks fabulous and can be doubled up as a cheese course either after your meal or with your evening buffet.

D – Dress

The dress is what all girls dream about and choosing the right one is such a mamouth but exciting part of the planning stages. Make sure you do your research and have some ideas in mind before you start trying on. Trust me, you will know when you put on ‘the one.’

E- Entertainment

Entertainment is the biggest part of your evening reception to consider. You need to think about the sort of music you both like as well as what your guests are going to enjoy (bearing in mind you will probably have a range of ages amongst your wedding guests). Our DJ Ashley is happy to receive playlists from our couples to ensure the music played is exactly to the tastes of the Bride and Groom. If you hire a band make sure you can request the music that YOU like and not what they like to play!

F – Favours

Traditionally wedding favours are sugared almonds; today there is a whole variety to choose from. One of the best ideas I have seen is personalised chocolate bars. These can also double up as your menu and place card. The wrapper is personalized with a choice of design, your guests name, your menu and a thank you message on the back. We offer this package at the Castle and it is a very popular choice and also saves you worrying about getting place cards and menus printed.

G – Games

For children or big kids alike, having some games during your drinks reception is a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained whilst you are whisked off for lots of photographs. Here at the Castle, our garden games are so popular and the adults sometimes enjoy them more than the children!

Come back next Friday for more wedding day tips!

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